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Hello, My name is James Wilder.

I have been a solutions developer for 15 years. I currently have more certifications than I can remember. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist, Microsoft Certified Programmer in desktop applications, distributed applications, MS SQL Server, and Enterprise Architecture, Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer, Web Development Specialist, Security+, Project+, etc. etc..

I have worked on projects for companies including Disney, The Royal Bank of Canada, and others. I joined VAVACA in June 2015 as a web application developer, like any job, there are aspects that I truly enjoy doing and aspects that drive me a little bit wonky. One of the true joys of working with RapidBIZ is that regardless of which aspects are your forte and/or weakness, it all exists in an easy to implement manner.

If you have a question for me, use the button to chat or email me now. I am happy to answer your questions and share what I like about RapidBIZ.

Chat is available from 8:00am to 5:00pm CST
Use the chat button to chat or email me now.
You can also reach VACAVA at 507-252-9076