Innovation comes in many forms. New tools to increase employee and client connectivity have elevated Trachsel Dental Studio service to a new level.

Dependable products, a fair price and exemplary customer service have been the core values of Trachsel Dental Studio for over 50 years. As a dental laboratory, their clients are dentists who need crowns, bridges, dentures, partials, on-site milling, 3D printing and scanning. Call their office and in two rings or less, a Trachsel associate will answer and take action on your request. Need a mold or broken denture picked up in Southeast Minnesota, a Trachsel driver responds promptly to personally pick up the request and then hand-deliver the finished product. Need emergency and early hour service, technicians work 4:30 AM to 5:00 PM on all types of dentist's requests.

How do you improve upon this level of personal service? Jacob Trachsel, a 3rd generation Trachsel associate, envisioned an even more responsive way to deliver client service by going digital. Rather than responding to phone calls, logging pick-up requests by hand, then alerting drivers by phone of urgent requests, Jacob wanted an automated process to speed service and increase staff productivity. He knew what he wanted, but needed a software expert to bring his Click-4-Pickup concept to life.

This is where I enter the story. At VACAVA, we take the time to understand the objectives of a request, then dig deep into the details to ensure all of the automation opportunities are being considered. Jacob wanted his local clients to be able to send pick-up notifications through the Trachsel Dental Studio website. Would clients want to also order supplies via the website? Should office staff be able to initiate a pick-up? This is the level of detail and types of questions that can expand the business value of a solution. We collaborated with Jacob to develop a solution that would immediately deliver value and set the base for future innovation.

With the new software, clients now request pickups with two simple clicks from a webpage. All Trachsel associates, drivers and office, have immediate access to client requests from any device 24/7. If a driver is near the requesting dentist, pickup may take place within minutes. Office staff monitor client requests and driver pickups to plan workload and respond to urgent requests.

Dentist offices rave about the new Click-4-Pickup. The process is simple, the quick pickup a differentiator, and the anytime, anywhere access enables dentists with extended hours to submit requests outside of Trachsel's business hours. The new software enables Trachsel associates to be more effective and responsive. Drivers can plan their routes more efficiently and speed response to urgent requests. In the office, online Click-4-Pickup requests eliminated 3600 calls during the first 5 months of use. This dramatically reduced the time office staff spent answering phones, that time is now focused on other tasks.

"The response from our clients has been incredible. We have increased our value to clients beyond my expectations. With VACAVA's software expertise, we have a solution that delivers upon our vision for business process transformation and sets the foundation for future innovation." Jacob Trachsel, CAD/CAM & Business Development, Trachsel Dental Studio.

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