How to make clinical trial regulatory document management easier

Managing clinical trial regulatory documentation is time-consuming and complex for organizations, but is required for success in the field. In the medical research industry, operating clinical trials with greater efficiency, higher quality and lower cost is key. How you manage the essential documents associated within the research cycle can make a surprising difference in the efficiency of your operation.

Recently, a leading cancer center recognized an opportunity to dramatically reduce management complexity and cost by transforming their clinical trial regulatory document process. This comprehensive cancer center offers its patients opportunities to participate in more than 500 clinical trials at multiple locations.

Previously, regulatory documentation was managed using shared server files and spreadsheets, which created numerous inefficiencies in the updating process. Because all the data was associated with a specific trial, content changes that affected multiple trials such as physician participation updates, expired medical licenses and laboratory certifications required manually replicating the documents across all the trials. Making all of the required regulatory documentation available for monitors and auditors was problematic and time consuming for both the staff providing the documents and the monitors and auditors reviewing them.

Now, this major healthcare player has simplified its clinical trial regulatory documents collection, management and access by collaborating with VACAVA, Inc. to design and implement an affordable custom application. Developed for the specific needs of medical research organizations, this application has enabled the institution to transform its process and dramatically reduce management complexity and cost.

Web-based forms have replaced paper documents, and are significantly easier to manage. All signatures are collected electronically, and rather than multiples versions of the same document floating around, all necessary forms are collated in one place online. Via the cloud, collaborators can view regulatory documents remotely, which makes the review process more seamless for monitors and auditors.

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