Improved Inventory Control Increases Operating Performance

When drilling oil and gas wells, not having the equipment and supplies at the drilling site costs valuable time and delays the flow of product that translates directly into revenue. A large multinational energy corporation, operating in over 180 countries, was having difficulty organizing and scheduling all of the equipment and supplies needed to drill a well.

The company had difficulty ordering, procuring and then scheduling the arrival of the needed equipment at the well pad. With lead times on certain equipment and supplies measured in months and years, and the lack of a cohesive scheduling and tracking system was adversely affecting when critical equipment and supplies was arriving at the well pad. Since these well pads are frequently located in remote areas of a country, this caused significant inefficiency and difficulty in equipment and man power deployment.

The energy giant turned to VACAVA and RapidBIZ for a custom scheduling and tracking solution that would order, schedule and track all components need at the well pad at the right time. The new scheduling solution consolidates information obtained from corporate data warehouses, Sharepoint and various format spreadsheets – now all synchronized in a single source. Now all equipment and supplies are planned through the life of the well – which in most cases span multiple years. This custom RapidBIZ solution has enabled a scheduling and management of the well pads through a single 'trusted source' of information. This single source of scheduling and management has significantly improved the forecasting and delivery of equipment and supplies to help ensure they can maximize the flow of product.


VACAVA's mission is to deliver high-quality, affordable, custom applications with RapidBIZ that allow companies to re-engineer their existing processes and operate more efficiently and effectively. VACAVA's solutions are tailored exactly to the needs of the organization, allowing us to work with companies of all sizes, from fledgling ventures to Fortune 500 companies.

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