Intervention Enrichment Program Best Practices

A hot topic at #NASSP2018 was how schools are successfully managing proactive schoolwide intervention & enrichment programs. Nationwide, schools have implemented innovative programs with a variety of approaches, from weekly -to- daily sessions, from specialized programs -to- intervention & enrichment for all. The school leaders I spoke with believe these programs deliver tremendous student value however, the dynamic and personalized nature of the programs make them a challenge to administer.

Jeff Erickson, Minnetonka High School Principal and Robb Virgin, Eden Prairie High School Principal, were featured speakers at #NASSP2018 and shared their successful intervention program, MAST. Key to their program’s success has been AchieveMore via VACAVA. AchieveMore software reduces the complexity of scheduling, communicating and tracking their weekly schoolwide program. With real-time data at their fingertips, the Minnetonka faculty have been able to fine tune their focus to reach students before failure, changing their trajectory towards success.

If you missed Jeff and Robb’s session, checkout the following best practice information on proactive schoolwide intervention and enrichment program implementation.

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