Redefining Regulatory Binder Management

"Paperless regulatory document management is a hot topic today among personnel at study sites, contract research organizations (CROs), and sponsors facing what is often overwhelming paperwork that seems to grows exponentially with each new trial. Many institutions are starting to invest in regulatory document management solutions to increase staff productivity, speed study start-up, and improve inspection readiness.

However, simply going 'paperless' does not solve the core document management issues of workflow, change, and signature management, especially in a complex environment. Understanding how others have identified and addressed these issues can help an organization examine its own operations." This is how Hether Seifert, Program Manager, Protocol Development Unit at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center and Becky Bosch, VACAVA, begin their Clinical Researcher article, "A Case Study in Redefining Regulatory Binder Management".

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals, ACRP, published this insightful case study to help institutions identify their core issues and the potential benefits of an automated solution. It's a great story of innovation and transformation that is demonstrating quantifiable benefits with #VACAVAcustomsoftware.

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