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Terry Bird, Vacava, Inc.

Terry Bird, founder and CEO of VACAVA Inc., has more than 30 years of experience delivering customized solutions that help businesses prepare for growth and reduce complexities.

VACAVA’s mission, since its founding in 1996, has been to deliver high-quality, custom applications that allow companies to reengineer their existing processes and operate more efficiently and effectively. VACAVA’s solutions are tailored exactly to the needs of the organization, allowing it to work with companies of all sizes, from fledgling ventures to Fortune 500 companies. VACAVA’s process is highly intuitive and user-centric, a hybrid of Agile Software Development and rapid application development enhanced by proprietary rapidBIZ application development tools.

Terry joined VACAVA from IBM, bringing with him a keen knowledge of how technology can be leveraged to solve problems and create opportunities. He was a leader in the application of artificial intelligence-based tools to simplify and accelerate the configuration and ordering of IBM hardware. Additionally, he managed worldwide IBM Partners relationships and technology development, which gave him insight into the ways in which providers can work with their clients to integrate new technology to create business opportunities and robust growth

Terry’s experience with VACAVA is also informed by his time spent with the United States Armed Forces. Directly out of school, he began his career in technology as part of the US Navy’s submarine service, participating in the sorts of missions that are the stuff of fictional stories. As the Sonar Supervisor, he was in part responsible for the ship’s safety, which prepared him well for a career in detailed and evidence-based decision-making.

With his experience across a wide range of markets and industries, Terry is uniquely positioned to help businesses improve their effectiveness, and to explain to them the myriad ways in which technological solutions can enhance their operations. However, VACAVA’s commitment to helping goes beyond its customers. The company participates in the local chapter of Make-A-Wish and works with Social Services in Rochester to provide work experience to handicapped individuals.

A music-lover, Terry can often be found playing his instrument of choice, the Soprano sax, in church.

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